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SNODE Indoor Cycling Bike 2021

SNODE indoor cycling bike is one of the best solutions for exercising at home and burning calories in a short time. In my opinion, spin bikes are the perfect replacement for the gym and ideal for home use. SNODE Power-One is an indoor exercise bike that is helpful for your cardio workout. Home is your gym, but if you feel more efficient and comfortable to reach your fitness goals use SNODE.

The flywheel is unsurpassed when it comes to giving the bike an outdoor feeling. It has a heavy flywheel (30-35 lbs) to provide you with maximum stability, help you get through heavy workouts, and give you the resistance you want to intensify your cardio workouts. Spin exercise bikes are designed for training and high-performance athletes exercising outdoors.

The flywheel plays a vital role in giving you a smooth ride, and the wider it is, the better it is for performance. The infinitely adjustable resistance gives a natural off-road feel, and pressing the emergency brake brings the bike to a stop immediately.

The SNODE indoor cycling bike is a light spin bike for beginners who want all features. It is built around a 35-pound flywheel and is ideal for beginners and people undergoing physical therapy. Nevertheless, the bike weighs only 88 pounds and is easy to roll, store and use as a transport bike.

With the Snode indoor cycling bikes, you can enjoy the gentle and natural movement of indoor cycling, just like with some of the more expensive Sunny Health & Fitness spin bikes. Despite being the most inexpensive spin bike in the market, the Snode indoor cycle exercise bike has a sturdy frame. In addition, it has a comfortable unisex saddle for both men and women, compared to many other spin bikes within the price range.

Overview for SNODE Indoor Cycling Bike Models

Drive MechanismBeltBeltBeltBelt
Weight Capacity287 Ibs330 Ibs280 Ibs280 Ibs
Zwift/Kinomap AppYesYesNoNo
Flywheel Weight35 Ibs30 Ibs35 Ibs35 Ibs
Max Seat Inseam36.8 inches36.6 inches36.8 inches40 inches
Resistance MagneticMagneticWool Felt PadMagnetic
Price$348.00 $599.99$279.99$271.99
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

SNODE Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews

So far, there are only four models of SNODE indoor cycling bikes that are available on Amazon. We will take a look at each bike models in detail in our review below. Let’s start our review with the most popular and affordable SNODE indoor cycling bikes, which has been quite popular and reliable.

1. SNODE 8731B Indoor Cycling Bike

SNODE Indoor Cycling Bike

The Snode 8731B is an excellent bike for intensive cardio training, interval training, cardio and strength development and, of course, to burn many calories. It is equipped with a manual magnetic resistance system, a flywheel weighing 3.5 kg and a 4-position adjustable seat.

The Snode 8731B was released in the second half of 2020. It is not a commercial model but features a Bluetooth console and compatible apps such as Zwift and Kinomap. This is an affordable commercial spin bike that offers excellent value for money.

The Snode 8731 Indoor Cycle is equipped with an intelligent digital LCD monitor that collects and displays motivating training data in real-time, including time, speed, distance, miles, odometer, caloric consumption, heart rate and heart rate. Snode is a relatively small player in the indoor cycling industry, but its bikes have managed to enter the arena of best-selling budget indoor cycling bikes by 2020. They entered the US market with an indoor cycling bike and three models and were delighted consumers.

Features of SNODE 8731B

  • Compatible with Zwift & Kinomap Function
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 287 lbs
  • Flywheel Weight: 35 Ibs
  • Package Dimensions : 43.1x 8.9x 33.9In
  • Product Weight: 90.4 Pounds
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt Drive
  • Resistance System: Magnetic (with six magnets)
  • LCD Monitor: Updated monitor with height, weight and age input
  • Foot Pedal Style: Caged, compatible with 9/16″ SPD pedals
  • Handlebar and Seat Post: 4-way adjustable seat & 2-way handlebar

Review by Phyllis Headley

I’m a spin instructor, and since the pandemic began, I’ve been seeking a reasonably cost indoor bike to use at home. Even though I am an active road cyclist with four cycles and two pro fluid trainers at home, I still wanted a spin bike.

I conducted extensive research and read numerous reviews before deciding on this bike. It was my first option because of the reasonable pricing and the fact that it is Zwift Bluetooth compatible.

The bike arrived three days after I placed my purchase, and it was pretty easy to put together. It took me about 40 minutes to unbox and assemble, and it included all tools.

I couldn’t figure out how to connect to Zwift via Bluetooth, so I wrote to customer care, who swiftly responded with detailed instructions and videos. I can link the bike to my Zwift in a matter of seconds!

I’ve been riding for one month, and I’m enjoying it! However, my husband is 6’2″, and he adjusted the seat to the highest level, and it was a little unpleasant for him.

There is a significant deal of strain. However, I can choose between an excellent flat sprint and a challenging hill climb by adjusting the tension knob. It is also extremely quiet, durable, and comfy.

I didn’t use the bike’s pedals/cages, instead opting for some spare Shimano pedals I had on hand. This bike is an excellent value for the money.

Review by Robert Walker

I was sick of being barred from cycling courses and having to go back and forth to the gym. So instead, I got to check out one of those high-priced home cycling cycles. Don’t throw away your cash; this indoor bike is just as lovely, if not better!

I’m looking forward to not having to walk to the gym in the rain or snow. Instead, I can now have a fantastic indoor cycling bike workout in the privacy of my own house. Simply tune in to a spin channel or select your favorite music to get started..

It’s simple to put together. There is a good instruction video on YouTube that demonstrates how to put the bike together. It came with the tool and took approximately 20 minutes to put together.

The arm pads would be the only component I had to adjust to, and you can do this quickly by placing your hands on the arm pads while riding straight up on the bike. Holding on to the arm pads was no problem once I set the handlebars and seat to my position. It was appreciated when I almost at the end of my ride session and was able to rest my arms securely while finishing my workout. The only shortcoming for this bike is that there was some minor shipping damage, but not enough to warrant returning the purchase. The bike impressed my son, who is a keen outdoor cyclist. This bike comes highly recommended by me! The customer service is excellent. They respond to you within 48 hours if you have any questions.

I’m hoping Snode releases a rowing machine soon!

2. SNODE 8729 Indoor Cycling Bike

SNODE Indoor Cycling Bike

The Snode Indoor Cycling Spin-Bike Trainer Model 8729 is, among other things, the best of the average spin bikes. The frame of the Snode 8729 is made of solid steel and coated with an anti-corrosion coating to maintain its quality. In addition, the seat and handlebars are chrome-plated.

The Snode Indoor Cycling Spin Bike Trainer Model 8729 does not have unique features, but the right features can make your workout more comfortable and productive. It is a quiet, well-built bike that is suitable for both beginners and veterans. This bike has a 35-pound flywheel, and with a multi-grip handlebar and adjustable resistance, this stationary cycle is ideal for all fitness levels.

It also features a 4-way adjustable seat post, 2-way adjustable non-slip handlebar for persons with inseams of 26.5-39.4″. Wheels make it simple to maneuver your cycling bike.

Features of SNODE 8729

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 280 lbs
  • Flywheel Weight: 35 Ibs
  • Package Dimensions : 41 inches (Length) x 21 inches (Width) x 46 inches (Height)
  • Product Weight: 84 Ibs
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt Drive
  • Resistance System: Wool Felt Pad
  • LCD Monitor: Updated monitor with height, weight and age input
  • Foot Pedal Style: Caged, compatible with 9/16″ SPD pedals
  • Handlebar and Seat Post: 4-way adjustable seat & 2-way handlebar

Review by Colin Jent

I acquired this SNODE indoor cycling bike for my “Peloton Clone” project, which involved combining a cheap stationary bike, a cadence sensor, the Wahoo app, and the Peloton Digital app to simulate the Peloton cycle experience. It has a nice appearance, is strong, and is simple to put together. I cycle three or four times a week and do either 30 or 45-minute Peloton courses, and I’ve had no problems.

There are many different types of bikes (cheaper and more expensive options), but this one has everything I desired and has not let me down for the budget-conscious like myself.  I enjoy the cage pedals because they allow me to wear my regular shoes and comfortably slip them into the pedal cages, just like I would at the gym. Over the chain-link version, I chose this stationary bike with a flywheel and belt, similar to the Peloton. I spent just over $250 on this bike. Therefore I’m saving about $1750 on the bike alone to obtain Peloton cycle experience.

Review by Minnie Svoboda

Since the winter, I’ve gained over 10 pounds and have been seeking some home exercise equipment to help me lose the weight. Because I have limited space in my room for a treadmill, a buddy advised a spin bike.

The bike arrived in good condition, and the Ups delivery man assisted me in unloading it into my garage. It was a breeze to put it up, thanks to the help of a YouTube instructional video. The real-time digital display is exactly as advertised. I particularly like the adjustable grips options, which allow various exercise positions to guarantee that different muscle areas get a good workout. I also appreciate the iPad and iPhone holder since they will enable me to watch movies while cycling without being bored. The bike’s quietness also makes it easy to watch the show.

I’ve been doing HIT on the bike every other day for approximately 30 minutes because it’s simple to change the spinning power by moving the resistance knob during the workout. It’s been about two weeks, and I’m starting to notice a difference in my thighs and weight loss. The bike also has a low impact on my joints and knees, which is a great plus.

This bike is perfect for anyone searching for a spin bike to use at home.

3. SNODE S9 Indoor Cycling Bike

SNODE S9 Indoor Cycling Bike

The Snode S9 is equipped with a robust and durable steel frame structure as a stationary, safe rotating bike. In addition, the cages on the pedals of the spinning bike are adjustable to protect you during a fast ride.

This professional training equipment provides a high weight capacity of 330 lbs. High-performance 3-piece cranks and oversized anti-slip pedals offer stability and safety while exercising. In addition, the machine has folding construction and transport wheels to ensure easy movement.

You can adjust the pulse and grip sensors on the bike handlebars to your height and the type of exercise you want to do. You can also put your phone or iPad in the holder to listen to music or watch a film while exercising. Equipped with a wide stabilizer foot and an adjustable floor leveller, the Snode S9 offers incredible robustness for spinning workouts, including saddle rides.

Features of SNODE S9

  • Compatible with Zwift & Kinomap Function
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Flywheel Weight: 30 Ibs
  • Package Dimensions : 36.3 inches (Length) x 15 inches (Width) x 46.5 inches (Height)
  • Product Weight: 84 Ibs
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt Drive
  • Resistance System: Magnetic
  • LCD Monitor: Updated monitor with height, weight and age input
  • Foot Pedal Style: Caged, compatible with 9/16″ SPD pedals
  • Handlebar and Seat Post: 4-way adjustable seat & 2-way handlebar

Review by Wanda Rogers

To begin with, excellent customer service. I had trouble installing the screws for Ipad and water bottle holder, so I called customer service, who responded the next day quickly and supplied me with four additional screws.

Here are some of the features I’ve discovered. The bike is well-built and somewhat heavy. After installation, having two small wheels in the front make it easy to move around the house. This bike is also smaller and needs less space. Riding is practically silent without producing a lot of noise, making it ideal for use at home. You may adjust the seat up and down and front and back, making it suitable for a wide range of users. (Just a gentle reminder to adjust the seat before you ride, or your bottom will suffer.)

The safety protection knob button is a significant benefit for fragile riders who want to ride safely. It can also be used as a resistance adjustment by simply spinning the knob.

Even though the installation was exhausting and took about 1 hour, the bike performs as predicted and is very user-friendly. Under the circumstances of the epidemic, everyone in my family requires additional work out at home while causing no disturbance to my neighbor, and this bike fulfils that need.

Review by Calvin Northern

So, I’ve had this Snode bike for three months and noticed that rubber dust under the belt was located. So, I requested a replacement belt from Snode, as advised in the bike’s assembly instructions. They asked for a picture right away, so I provided them with a couple of photos.

They swiftly responded, stating that the flywheel will be out of balance and that they will send a replacement bike to me. I was stunned, so I inquired about how they wanted my bike back, and they recommended I keep it. I was once again shocked and happy when the new bike delivered three days later. SNODE’s team significantly exceeded my expectations! The bike is shockingly well made and robust, and their customer support is AWESOME! Wow, just WOW!

I have to admit; I’m blown away! The bike arrived in good condition, mostly constructed, and with clear instructions for the remainder of the assembly. It is really quiet and stable. It came with a comfortable and adjustable seat and pedals that you may customize with your personal preference. It’s a fantastic bike, made even better by the low price!

4. SNODE SP Indoor Cycling Bike

SNODE SP Indoor Cycling Bike

The belt drive technology and magnetic controlled resistance technology are included in the SNODE SP indoor cycling bike. It will provide you with a pleasant and peaceful ride, and the sturdy steel frame can hold up to 280 pounds of user weight. It also has various user-friendly designs in addition to these.

Up and down, forward and back, you may readily alter the seat from a minimum of 29 inches to a maximum of 39 inches. The handlebar also can be adjusted to 45 inches, and the lowest is 40 inches vertically to accommodate various postures and exercise demands.

You should adjust the distance from the handlebar and the seat to the same as the length of your forearm. You can adjust this exercise bike from 16.5 inches to 19 inches between the seat and the handlebar, which you may modify to fit your preferences.

Features of SNODE SP

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 280 lbs
  • Flywheel Weight: 35 Ibs
  • Package Dimensions : 36.3 inches (Length) x 19.5 inches (Width) x 44inches (Height)
  • Product Weight: 84 Ibs
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt Drive
  • Resistance System: Magnetic
  • LCD Monitor: Updated monitor with height, weight and age input
  • Foot Pedal Style: Caged, compatible with 9/16″ SPD pedals
  • Handlebar and Seat Post: 4-way adjustable seat & 2-way handlebar

Review by Josephine Putnam

For a long time, I was a bit skeptical about getting a spin bike. I’m just not sure if it’d be as effective as the same at the gym. This bike is fantastic. It’s certainly not a $1000 bike, but it performs far better than one could think for the price. It’s so silent that you can’t hear it.

The resistance is excellent, the seat is comfy, and it includes a counter is a bonus. The only drawback of this indoor bike is that you really ought to ensure you have sufficient resistance when you’re in second or third gear because it can get a little shaky, but that’s to be expected on a high-end bike. I wish I had done it sooner!

Review by Jessica Webb

It was a large box to get through the door, but that’s because it’s virtually completely assembled for you. I picked it up at the mailroom and carried it home by myself. It took about an hour to put it together, and all of the pieces were included and neatly labelled. It’s extremely quiet, and the magnetic resistance mechanism is working perfectly.

The bike is well-built and rides smoothly and quietly. Because the written instructions are a bit complex, rely on the photos to show you how to put everything together.

I like the affordability of this bike; just add your iPad, and you’ve got all you need for a great cycling experience.

The only drawback is that my digital display would not adhere to the frame, so I had to eradicate it. For me, this isn’t an issue because all other functions are independent of the display.

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