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Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike 2021 In-depth Review

The Pooboo indoor cycling bike, a belt-driven professional exercise bike, is one of the underdog bikes that deliver what fitness enthusiasts expect from an indoor cycling bike. It may not be one of the brand names that rings the bell, but it is associated with L-manufacturers and arguably the best spinning upright bike.

Besides indoor cycling bicycles, Pooboo also manufactures other training equipment, including elliptical, full-body trainers, recumbent, upright bikes, and other stationary training equipment. The frame of the Pooboo indoor cycle is delivered completely assembled. You only need to attach a few components, and it is ready for your training routine.

We suggest finding an indoor cycling bike that puts you in the same position as a regular bike you’re used to riding. For example, if your daily rig is a road bike, search for an indoor bike with a handlebar option that includes a traditional bullhorn rod to mimic hand posture or an option with a fall protection hood. Exercise bikes are stationary and more compact than other training equipment, so you can set them up at home and take advantage of cycling training when your schedule allows.

Remarkably, all bikes listed on Amazon have the same name. Therefore, we will differentiate the cycling bike according to the model number given in this review article.

What is an Indoor Cycling Bike?

Indoor cycling workouts use an upright stationary bike or a spin bike with a heavy flywheel and adjustable resistance to change the desired effort and challenge. Indoor bikes, also known as spin bikes, are designed to mimic the bikes we ride outdoors. They have a heavy flywheel on the front of the bike to give you quick and complete control over resistance while riding.

Indoor cycling bikes are similar in their general function, but it is the accessories that distinguish them. The flywheel is the component that determines an indoor bike from a standard stationary bike. The rider sits on the bike, just like any other bike, and the foot pedals rotate the flywheel.

Indoor cycling is a great training option to lower your body weight and reduce body fat. An indoor cycling workout is about losing your belly fat and exercising your body. You can achieve weight loss by burning more calories than you consume on a low-calorie diet. Exercising on a bike instead of an exercise bike, as you can do outdoors, has proven to be one of the most significant steps in achieving your fitness goals. Yes, training intensity on a stationary bike can burn up to 600 calories per hour.

Overview of Best Pooboo

Best Under $300Best Under $500Best Under $700Best Under $900
Pooboo D-252LMPooboo D-582Pooboo C-511Pooboo C-505
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Review for Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Under $300

1. Pooboo D252LM

Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike

The Pooboo D252LM indoor cycling bike is excellent for cycling training comfortably at home. Pooboo is one of the pioneers in the stationary sports equipment industry, and indoor cycling is no different. It is built with a rugged steel frame that supports a maximum weight of 270 lbs and has adjustable stabilizers to compensate for uneven floors for additional stability.

The Pooboo D525LM Indoor Cycling Bikes drive system features a 30 lbs bi-directional flywheel with a soft and quiet belt drive and adjustable friction resistance. The friction resistance can be easily adjusted by simply turning the clamping knob and serves as an emergency brake with durable felt pads. In addition, the Pooboo Indoor Cycles Micro-Turn Voltage Regulator provides infinitely variable resistance by turning the regulator from right to left to increase or decrease the intensity of hard or light workouts to simulate actual road cycling on flat and mountainous climbs.

The Pooboo indoor cycling bike pedals with belt drive feature a toe cage and an adjustable seat belt, which fixes the foot and provides support during a full load workout. The pedals fit with standard sneakers, but you should consider replacing them with SDP Shimano Pedaling Dynamic pedals if you use a set of spinning shoes.

Features Pooboo D525LM

  • 3498 All Ratings on Amazon and 2448 Five Star Rating (70%)
  • It is equipped with the 36-pound flywheel of the Belt Drive system and an LCD monitor to display your statistics.
  • A four-way padded seat (inseam height 25-35in) and a wide range of resistance.
  • The Digital Monitor will measure and record your exercise time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse in real-time.
  • Flywheel 33 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 43.8 inch (length), 21.6 inch (width) and 48.1 inch (height)
  • Price: $289.99

Review by John Thompson

I accepted that COVID-19 and California wildfire smoke would force me to find workarounds in my life, so I got this bike. After doing some research, I decided on this bike and crossed my fingers that it would be a decent buy. I was hoping to avoid having to deal with a return.

The first thing that struck me was how sturdy the metal components are. Very strong and thick. In about 30 minutes, my husband and I put the bike together. It was pretty simple to put together. I could have completed it on my own. It includes all of the necessary tools and parts for assembly.

Distance, pulse, speed, and heart rate are all tracked by the onboard computer. If you desire to replace the peddles with clip-in peddles, you may remove them. When there is no resistance, the bike is completely silent. When resistance is introduced, a low swooshing sound is produced, similar to that heard on professional spin bikes at paid gyms.

It is very stable when I ride it. My spouse, who weighs 245 pounds, claimed the bike was also steady for him. The seat and handlebars are perfect and sturdy.

The bike’s wheels are at the front, identical to professional gym spin bikes, so I can tilt and wheel it out of sight when I’m not using it. The seat is quite relaxing. Seats that harm my body parts are usually a problem for me, but this one is very comfy.

I highly recommend this indoor bike!

Review by Stephen Lowe

I still don’t like coming to the gym, so I wanted something to do at home for physical treatment for my hip arthritis. After weeks of research, I decided on this bike. I’ve owned it for a couple of weeks, and here are my initial impressions.

Assembly: All necessary tools are included, and it took around 20 minutes to put together.

Adjustability: My wife and I are both 6’4″ tall. The bike is sufficiently adjustable for either of us to operate it.

Noise Level: The bike is exceptionally silent. When you add more resistance, the noise level rises slightly, but it’s still low enough that I don’t wake my wife when I’m riding, and she’s asleep in the same room.

Material: All of the materials are of a good grade. Only the tiny places holder that attaches to the handle and the trip computer are missing. They work. However, they appear to be a little flimsy.

You’ll need to remove any cases from your tablet to utilize the holder, which isn’t a big deal. Should any problems emerge, I’ll offer updates as needed. Overall, I enjoy riding the bike and would suggest it to others.

2. Pooboo D518

Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike 2021

The magnetic resistance mechanism, belt drive for smooth riding, adjustable resistance level, 4-way adjustable seat, and 2-way adjustable handlebar are just a few features. The training data, as well as the heart rate, are displayed on the LCD monitor. Start enjoying athletic fun with a tablet holder that can securely carry mobile gadgets while cycling!

This exercise cycle features a 14-pound efficient bidirectional flywheel, a thicker triangular steel frame, and an additional anchoring device to prevent wobble, ensuring a sturdy and safe ride during your training. This cycling bike also has magnetic resistance for minor maintenance and a rotating knob to modify the resistance level, making it simple to adapt your workout levels.

The resistance of a magnetic resistance bike is controlled by adjusting the spacing between the flywheel and the magnet. As a result, the magnets and the flywheel won’t touch each other, and you can change the resistance levels quickly and smoothly in a nutshell, with superb quiet, smooth pedalling, and low maintenance.

Features for Pooboo D518

  • 135 All Ratings on Amazon and 93 Five Star Rating (69%)
  • Product Weight: 56.2 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 40.5 inches (Length), 19.5 inches (Width) and 43.7 inches (Height)
  • The stand/sit riding postures are supported by the handlebar of this stationary cycle with a heart rate sensor.
  • You can turn the tension knob right to increase tension and left to decrease tension.
  • To stop riding in an emergency, simply press the resistance knob to bring the flywheel to a halt.
  • Vertical height 40.5″-43.7″ with 2-way adjustable non-slip handrail in 4 places for up/down.
  • The seat is adjustable in six places, with a vertical height range of 32″ to 38.2″; the seat forward/back is changeable in 1.6″ increments.
  • Comfortable oversized cushions. Dimensions 10.6 x 8.3 x 3.2 inches.
  • Price: $249.99

Review by Julie Perez

What a beast of a bike. It took about 20 minutes to assemble with two people, but it would have taken me roughly 30 minutes to do it alone. It’s pretty durable, as I’m 235 pounds, and it doesn’t creak or squeak. I had another bike at the gym, but it was too noisy when I was riding it. If there’s one criticism, the digital display is a little small and flimsy with plastic, but I’m not comparing it to a peloton given the bike’s price.

I typically use it for late-night workouts when I need a quiet bike to avoid disturbing anyone else in the home, and this was it. I’m thrilled that it’s so quiet and can support my weight. Now, I need to make sure I utilize it enough to keep it from becoming another clothing rack. But I’m really enjoying it so far.

Review by Edna Snider

I can’t say enough good things about the overall experience! The bike arrived swiftly, and it was simple to put together. I believed I had an issue with the counter because it wasn’t operating, but it turned out that I had the wires twisted. Someone from the firm was fast to answer, sending tutorials on connecting it and even offering to send a replacement if necessary. However, it wasn’t necessary because I had the wires crossed.

After receiving the bike, I quickly assembled it and rode it for the past five days. I have no concerns and give it a five-star rating. This is a firm from whom I would order again! Customer support is also excellent; now, all I have to do is wait for my unexpected free device!

Review by Clarence Oneal

I’m thrilled to have this as part of my home gym kit. It took me around 20 minutes to put the box together. So far, I’ve tried it for about a week and have no issues.

Though it is not similar to the commercial-grade station bike that I generally use in a professional gym like LA Fitness or another, it is adequate for home practice given its one-third or even lower price.

Another point I’d want to make is choosing a magnetic bike rather than a regular brake pad-based bike. It is almost silent when in use and requires no maintenance over time.

3. Pooboo D600

Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike

This bike provides an amazingly smooth and practically silent ride thanks to its 35-pound flywheel and quiet belt drive. You can set various heights (inseam 27″-38″) can benefit from the 2-way seven positions non-slip adjustable handlebar, and 4-way ten position cushion seat. 280-pound weight makes it easier to move the pedal bike around.

To create a multi-level cycling experience for riders of various levels, rotate the adjustable pull knob to change the exercise intensity. It can help you burn fat faster, strengthen your core muscles, and improve the function of your heart and lungs.

Cage pedals with adjustable cages may efficiently fix the placement of the feet and give users with support. In addition, floor levellers can help you ride safely by stabilizing your body.

Features for Pooboo D518

  • 50 All Ratings on Amazon and 43 Five Star Rating (85%)
  • The weight for this bike is 77 lbs
  • The maximum user weight is 280 lbs
  • Recommended user height 4’5″ to 6’2″
  • Adjustable Inseam Height: 27”-38”
  • Product Dimension: 40.5 inch (Length) x 19.6 inch (Width) x 43.3 inch (Height)
  • Belt Drive mechanism
  • Friction Resistance system
  • LCD monitors for speed, calorie burned, time and much more features.
  • Price: $269.99

Review by Kathleen Frame

Due to Covid and my new job at home, which needs me to sit at a desk for long periods, I have been less productive over the last year. As a result, I’ve developed a habit of being less active, so I thought getting a portable bike to keep next to my work would be a good idea. It took around 30 minutes to put the bike together after receiving it. The manufacturer had already put the main sections together, so all I had to do was secure a few screws and fill in the gaps.

I didn’t expect how compact it is, and this took up only a little space in my office; the bike is tiny and portable thanks to the front wheels. The corner plastic bits that keep the bike from destroying my wood floor are one of the more excellent improvements. When I’m on my phone and viewing videos, I usually ride my bike. Because of the monitor on the bike, it was simple to keep track of my progress. It was good to adjust the cushion to my ideal height as someone with long legs.

Review by Pearl Ratliff

What a fantastic bike!  I’m ecstatic! I received my bike yesterday evening, put it together fast and painlessly, and went for my first ride this morning. It was effortless to move it from one area to another since it was so smooth. I’m delighted with my buy!

Review for Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Under $500

1. Pooboo D-582

Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike

There are three versions of the Pooboo D-582 model, which are D582-4MR, D582-1MR and D582-1FR. The design is slightly different, but the significant difference between these three versions are the price and resistance system used. D582-4MR is priced at $448.99, D582-1MR price is $428.99, and D582-1FR is the cheapest at $399.99.

D582-4MR and D582-1MR use magnetic resistance, while D582-1FR use a friction resistance system. All other features, dimensions are identical and using a belt drive system.

Features for Pooboo D-582

  • 322 All Ratings on Amazon and 215 Five Star Rating (67%)
  • The weight for this bike is 77 lbs.
  • 35 lbs. flywheel
  • The maximum user weight is 350 lbs.
  • Recommended user height 4’5″ to 6’2″
  • Adjustable Inseam Height: 29”-37”
  • Product Dimension: 39.8 inch (Length) x 216 inch (Width) x 51.2 inch (Height)
  • Belt Drive mechanism
  • Magnetic and Friction Resistance system
  • LCD monitors for speed, calorie burned, time and much more features.
  • Price: $399.99, $428.99 and $448.99

Review by William Price

Overall, I’m really pleased with my purchase of this bicycle. Our entire family, including our 11-year-old daughter, has been able to stay there. There is one feature on the bike that I would have loved to see. I’d like to be able to keep track of the resistance I’m up against. However, this isn’t a significant issue. This is something I can tell you based on my own experience. When riding a bike, one must adjust the resistance to suit their demands. I’m also going to change the pedals so I can wear my cycling shoes. This bike is a deal at under $500. We’ve experienced an in-studio experience by combining it with an online cycle class via several apps.

Review by Bessie Fuller

The bike is fantastic; it’s simple to put together and feels solid. Handlebar and seat heights are easily adjustable, and the odometer is a beautiful addition that shows time, speed, and calories burned. It may be tucked away in the corner of my living room without taking up too much space. The seat is cozy and comfortable, and because it’s a conventional bicycle seat, you can replace it if you want. The pedals are also can be changed to your liking.

Review for Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Under $700

1. Pooboo C-511

The Pooboo C-511 indoor cycling bike has a 42-pound flywheel and a sturdy steel frame that can support 350 pounds. The belt-driven mechanism allows for silent and smooth pedalling. The bike is suitable for most individuals thanks to its 4-way adjustable seat and sweat-absorbing and non-slip handlebar.

The resistance system on the cycle bike trainer provides you with a realistic, real-road feeling, and if you press down on the knob, you can stop the cycling bike right away. In addition, RPM, distance, time, heart rate, and speed are displayed on the LCD screen monitor. It also comes with an iPhone/iPad/water bottle mount.

Features for Pooboo C-511

  • 10 All Ratings on Amazon and 7 Five Star Rating (70%)
  • The weight for this bike is 77 lbs.
  • 42 lbs. flywheel
  • The maximum user weight is 350 lbs.
  • Recommended user height 4’5″ to 6’2″
  • Adjustable Inseam Height: 35.4 inches to 37.4 inch
  • Product Dimension: 51 inch (Length) x 20.7 inch (Width) x 48 inch (Height)
  • Belt Drive mechanism
  • Friction Resistance system
  • LCD monitors for speed, calorie burned, time and much more features.
  • Price: $698.99

Review by Pearlie Cunningham

I’ve chosen to start riding Pooboo indoor cycling bike this summer, and in the meantime, I’d like to get my legs in condition this winter. In the $300 price range, I looked at a lot of indoor cycling bikes. They’re pleasant and adequate, but I’d instead read a review that made me doubt them. I have a home gym set up in my home, and everything I have is of top quality. So I didn’t want to waste my money on anything that wasn’t up to grade. The reviews I read on this bike were primarily positive, and I noticed the words “quality” and “heavy built” frequently.

It’s comparable to what you’d find in a gym. I was delighted to discover that I had chosen an excellent heavy-duty bike when I received it. It has a great style and is built like a tank. It’s also simple to put together. It took a long time to get it out of its box. It was ready to ride after attaching the handlebars, seat, pedals, base, and computer. Very quiet and smooth. Anyone can have as much resistance as they wish. I’m happy with my buy!

Review by Shawn Miller

The best decision and great purchase. The design and built quality are excellent and durable. It is effortless to construct; I took 40 minutes without difficulty to assemble all the components. The bike pedals have a charming design, and the seat is pleasant. The only criticism is that it does not come with remote control and the monitor’s battery, which is prohibited by transportation. Also, I did not read the product description carefully and would have preferred a magnetic resistance.

Review for Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Under $900

1. Pooboo C-505

A 44-pound flywheel is mounted on a heavy-duty steel frame commercial standard bike. It can handle a weight of 330.69 lbs. This bike is built with high-strength 2.0T steel pipe with a high density, high corrosion resistance, and anti-oxidation properties ensures a comfortable and safe ride.

Your speed (average speed, maximum speed), time, mile speed display, RPM, calories, and heart rate can all be tracked on the newly improved LCD monitor (average heart rate, maximum heart rate). The new monitor is more extensive and easier to view than the previous one. In addition, on the polymer-impregnated handlebar, you may rest your water bottle or iPad.

With a simple twist, you may change the magnetic cycling resistance to select a different exercise level. If you wish to stop the flywheel right away, press the emergency knob.

Features for Pooboo C-505

  • 18 All Ratings on Amazon and 13 Five Star Rating (75%)
  • The weight for this bike is 77 lbs.
  • 42 lbs. flywheel
  • The maximum user weight is 330 lbs.
  • Recommended user height 4.5 ft to 6.2 ft
  • Adjustable Inseam Height: 35.43 inches to 40.55 inches
  • Product Dimension: 50.8 inch (Length) x 19.9inch (Width) x 47.6 inch (Height)
  • Belt Drive mechanism
  • Friction Resistance system
  • LCD monitors for speed, calorie burned, time and much more features.
  • Price: $898.00

Review by Maria Villareal

I bought my Pooboo D505 indoor cycling bike as a significant part of my ACL knee surgery rehabilitation. I’ve been cycling at the gym for a few years and can’t believe the difference in quality between this bike and the gym bikes. In addition, the bike seat is very comfortable! I’m confident that I’ll continue incorporating this bike into my everyday routine for many coming years. This bike is fantastic.

This bike is quite hefty, which is precisely what I wanted when I bought this model. There are, however, lighter variants available. However, moving it up or downstairs for assembly or relocation will need some muscle.

The assembly instructions are the only concern that needs to be addressed. Fortunately, I have the technical brain to translate the instructions to what they should have read. I performed 100% of the installation myself (I am a female over the age of 60) and know it is done correctly, but if you aren’t skilled at that sort of thing, you may need to call for some clarification.

Review by Roy M. Cole

At less than half the price of a Peleton cycle, this bike is high quality and constructed to last. I simply place my iPad on the handlebar stand and use their app to select a Peleton workout. In terms of sturdiness and quality, this bike is on par with those seen in professional gyms. I’m bad at putting things together, but I managed to do it in under two hours. Everything was included in the package.

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