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Best Regular Shoes for Cycling 2021

Just because you cycle on the road does not mean that you need bicycle shoes. You are getting used to the idea of wearing regular shoes when cycling can be a bit tedious. You will find it easier to walk around in normal shoes than wearing road bike clip-on shoes.

These are some of the criteria for the best regular shoes for cycling:

  1. Fit well to the feet and do not slip when pedaling.
  2. Should have a strong foundation of comfort
  3. It can help improve your performance while cycling and permit you to walk at any other time on any surface.
  4. Should ensure that you do not strain your feet during long rides.
  5. Tear-proof and are made of nylon with an upper material that fits comfortably on foot.
  6. Running shoes and sneakers are the best options because they offer good grip, traction and hold.
  7. Lightweight shoes are becoming increasingly popular with riders who want to shave a few healthy grams off their entire cycling setup.
Most SuitableMost ValuedMost StylishFor Women
Under Armour Charged Assert 8
ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes
Vans Classic Slip-On Skate Shoe
Nike Air Max Bella Trainer 2 Sneaker
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Types of Bike Pedals for Regular Shoes

Modern bicycle pedals have advanced components and different pedal systems such as SPD Speedway, SPD SL and Platform so that you need to know which pedal suits your shoe best.

Before we talk about bicycle pedals, we need to look at how the pedal stroke is effective and what it looks like. Top-level pedals can be divided into two bearings: clip-ins (called clipless) and flats (called platform).

  1. Clip-in pedals are divided into two additional bearings – three bolt-on cleats and two bolt-off cleats. The prioritization of power transmission and practicability is ensured by three-screw pedals and clipless pedals on racing bikes.
  2. Mountain bike clipless pedals use two-hole cleats with two or more sides and are designed to eject mud more quickly than their road-riding siblings. Smaller cleats and shoes for mountain biking pedals are easier to walk on and a better choice for commuters and recreational cyclists. Road bike pedals use three- or four-hole lugs, one-sided and built for a larger area for better power transmission.
  3. A more popular option considered outdated is clickess or toe-clip-on pedals, which allow the foot to be attached directly to the bike without a particular bicycle shoe. Some brands’ clickless bicycle pedals require a bicycle shoe with a cut-out in the shoe’s sole (this is a cleat).
  4. Flat pedals are the most common of the two basic types of bicycle pedals, and when it comes to triathlons, you can wear regular running shoes with flat pedals. Clipless pedals require you to wear special cleats wedged into a specific pedal system compatible with your cleats. These pedals are ideal for athletes who want to feel more than one bike.

All in all, flat pedals are suitable for regular shoes, and clipless pedals require you to wear a particular shoe with cleats that are wedged into a specific pedal system that is compatible with your cleats.

Best Regular Shoes for Cycling 2021

1. Under Armour Charged Assert 8

Best Regular Shoes for Cycling

The Under Armour Charged Assert 8 running shoes make you feel comfortable. From the way, the soles cushion the feet, the way the material feels on the skin, to the way they breathe in the heat. These shoes are made for runners who need balance, flexibility and cushioning.

Under Armour Charged Assert 8 Running shoe is the best triathlon shoe for neutral runners who need balance and flexibility. Spice up your workout game with the Charged ASSERT 8 running shoes of Under Armour. These sneakers have a lightweight design that will help you excel in both indoor and outdoor routines.

Review by Nickolas Jackson

The shoes are a perfect fit, fantastic value, and immediately comfortable. Outside, I only wear one pair of shoes (for walking, hiking, and cycling) until they become worn out. These appear to be all-purpose shoes with adequate cushioning (not too hard, not too soft). So, yes, five stars.

Review by Robert Bailey

I have two more versions of the charged series, both of which I enjoy very much. They last a long time! These are much lighter than I anticipated. I bought these to run in mind. I have a big tryout for a special teams unit coming up, and I need to improve my 2-mile time and run much farther. I’ve been running in 13oz sneakers, so I’m looking forward to feeling the difference in these 9.9s. They’re adequate in terms of cushioning, as well as centre and heel “grip.” My toe box has some wiggle room, and my heel is hugged but not too tight.

2. ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes

Best Regular Shoes for Cycling

Comfort is a crucial feature of ASIC Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Trail Running Shoes, and they offer it in various ways. The shoes have a rear ankle technology for shock absorption, which introduces an additional cushioning layer together with the Ortholite X-40 Sockliner. The shoe itself is soft and flexible and adapts to the shape of the foot.

The gel technology at the back of the shoe provides shock absorption where you need it, and the ortholite baseboard liner adds an extra layer of cushion under the feet. The rear GEL (r) damping system absorbs shock absorption and promotes a smoother transition to the center position. Absorbs the shock mostly during the impact phase and allows a smoother transition to the center position.  

This running shoe has a waterproof membrane and a robust synthetic leather upper. A moulded rubber sole with an internal heel counter supports uneven terrain, while the EVA midsole and Rearfoot Gel (TM) technology provide cushioning and shock absorption for outdoor runners. A sturdy, well-finished upper provides additional support, while the heel counter helps your foot stay in its natural line of motion to make a more efficient move.

Review by Lisa Rawlins

The ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes are available in a variety of widths. My feet are pretty large, and I generally have trouble finding shoes that fit, but I discovered these running shoes after a quick search on Amazon. The price was ideal. I input my size and waited for the shoes to come, which took around two days. This ASICS is the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. These shoes are perfect for hiking, running and also cycling.

Review by Debra Cannon

I acquired these jogging sneakers four months ago. I’ve been wearing them virtually every day when I go for a run or cycling. It made me feel completely at ease while I was using it. These are well-fitting, neither too loose nor too tight. The sole, or bottom, is likewise in good condition. I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort after using it for more than four hours.

I would strongly recommend it to everyone who enjoys working out.

3. Five Ten Freerider MTB Bike Shoes

Best Regular Shoes for Cycling

Adidas Five Ten Freerider mountain bike shoes offer the legendary flat pedal control and support you and your bike. This mountain bike shoe combines classic freeride style and proven flat pedal performance. It offers legendary control, recycled materials and raises the bar for sustainability. As the name suggests, the Five ten Freeride Pro is an improved version of the popular Freerider shoe.

This is the first shoe in the Five Ten series to be called a mountain bike shoe. A beautifully constructed upper compared to the Sleuth DLX has a more oversized sole than the Stealth S1 and sticky rubber. The Freerider Pro holds the sole well and has proven itself far beyond what we are used to with the S1.

The Five Ten Freerider Pros offer an excellent power transmission thanks to their stiff sole and comfortable fit. What sets it above other shoes is the chosen Stealth S1 rubber, which provides an unrivalled level of grip and traction. You can feel the pedals better than ever, and the freeride professionals focus on power transmission and efficiency.   

As you would expect from a Five Ten shoe, the grip of the Freerider Pro is excellent. Despite the softer Mi6 rubber, we found that the shoe offered more grip than the Impact Vxi, suggesting the opposite. As with any car or bicycle tyre manufacturer, the Michelin outsole provides an excellent combination of grip and durability, but it is not quite as sticky as the Five Ten Stealth rubber.

Review by William Wooden

These were my first proper cycling shoes for biking with flat pedals. I’d been riding with clip-ins for around 20 years before buying my e-bike and switched to flats. Before choosing this particular brand and design, I looked at and read a lot of reviews. This shoe is well-made, comfy, and has just the right amount of tenacity to stick to the pedals.

The pricing is reasonable for this sort of shoe, and reviewers frequently stated that they might last 3-4 years. I expect these sneakers to last me longer than that because I’m older and probably don’t put as much damage on the shoes as most of the reviewers I looked at. I also chose the tan color since it hides dirt very well.

Review by Anna Lasalle

I was apprehensive about purchasing a set of mountain riding shoes. I’m happy I decided to get these. They’re shockingly padded and really comfortable. The difference between these kick-butt shoes and a new pair of studded pedals was incredible. The grip is fantastic. I hadn’t noticed how cramped my feet were from trying to hold the pedals.

I would recommend purchasing these fantastic shoes before buying any other biking accessories. Based on the quality built, I believe these will last a long time, but I will repurchase them when they need to be replaced. And this seller was highly responsive, and everything came just as described.

4. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

Best Regular Shoes for Cycling

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure running shoes have dominated Amazon’s best-selling women’s shoe charts for some time now. They are number one bestsellers, thanks to solid sales in several categories on Amazon. No need to be overly critical because I really enjoy these shoes and their style. They are everything I love, and their reviews reflect that they are a perfect choice for casual wear, running, and cycling.

The materials used by Adidas use textiles (synthetic) as the starting material for Adidas Cloudfoam Pure running shoes. The upper part has two coloured, flexible textile lining mesh structures for breathability. Apart from these features, the shoes are incredibly comfortable and provide ample support to alleviate any discomfort the user may have when wearing running shoes.

The Cloudfoam follows the pattern of your foot for more comfort. The soles of these hiking shoes have improved footing patterns so that runners do not slip and fall while riding over rocks, sticks, roots and other obstacles on the trail. You don’t need much traction on the soles on the road or flat surfaces.

Review by Helen Wong

These jogging shoes are fantastic. They’re incredibly light, making you feel like you’re running on air while also providing support. They’re super cute, look precisely like the picture, and fit true to size. I always wear a 6, and it is the ideal size for me. I’d get these a hundred times over, and I’m thinking about ordering another pair in a different colour just because they’re so good. I’ve had the Cloudfoam for almost three months, and they’re still going strong. It wipes clean and doesn’t leave a stain, which is fantastic!! I exercise outside and regularly and routinely tear my running shoes; these I wiped clean with a wet paper towel, and they are as good as new! I’m thrilled with my buy!

Review by Dian Crockett

These are fantastic. Very light and simple to slip on. These are not supporting, so I wouldn’t recommend working out in them if you already have support concerns like weak ankles. I bought them for long shifts in the hospital, and they’ve proven to be really durable. However, I don’t believe they’d be pretty supportive enough on the arches for them to be deemed a safe running shoe. However, it is excellent for weight training and casual cycling.

5. Nike Air Max Bella Trainer 2 Sneaker

The Nike Air Max Bella is a very comfortable shoe because it has excellent cushioning and stability, and I can wear it all day long. I also like the design of the metatarsal strap, which integrates with the laces to have a tighter fit to the shoe. The Nike Air Max Bellas TR-2 Icon Clash is a versatile trainer that can be used as a multi-gym for workouts, short-run, and cycling.

Review by Tina Munoz

I’ve always liked Nike items, but they’ve always been too thin for my short, wide feet since they first debuted in the early 1970s. These sneakers are a game-changer for me with their fabric toe box and body: they’re comfy, not too long, and the hot pink makes me want to wear them for more than my daily speed walks and casual cycling at the weekend. My foot is perfectly aligned thanks to the arch support and tight heel cupping, and I have all the stability I need for my unevenly surfaced dirt roads. These shoes are AMAZING!

Review by Katie Connor

These sneakers are fantastic! They’re comfortable and provide excellent support for my feet during my cycling workouts. These sneakers have gotten me so many compliments. It’s so lovely and cosy. Sizing up is something I strongly advise. I usually wear a size 8.5, but after reading that they run small, I went up to a size nine, and they fit great. There will be no rubbing or bare feet.

6. Vans Unisex Classic Slip-On Skate Shoe

Vans Classic Slip-On is the original wafer outsole slip-on shoe that ushered in the rise of the brands. Also known as Style 98, the shoe, which later became known and recognized as Vans Classic Slip-On, found its place in the emerging skate and BMX scene in Southern California in the late 1970s. In pop culture, the brand Checkerboard Edition was worn by Sean Penn’s character in the 1982 Fast Times film at Ridgemont High.

When Paul Van Doran, the brand’s founder, and his two brothers helped launch the company in 66, they could not have expected Vans to develop so much lifestyle appeal. The exclusive audience of rebellious skaters and extremists was a brand that catered to Disney enthusiasts, streetwear fans, and various other fashion brands, notable individuals, and major franchises. Vans had nothing else to do but have a silhouette that resonated with the skate and BMX scene.

Review by Randy McKenzie

These are genuine Vans, and if you’ve never worn them, they’re among the comfiest sneakers you’ll ever own. It takes a few times wearing them before you don’t get a blister and the rubber bottom loosens up a little, but it’s well worth the wait. I highly recommend these sneakers. They arrived swiftly and exceeded my expectations. These Vans are the epitome of traditional style and my favorite pair of casual shoes. Skating, BMX, or just wandering around is highly suggested.

Review by Sherri Rivera

My wide Flinstone size 6 feet made them a little tight to put on. However, after a few hours of walking/running in them, they grew more comfortable. I appreciate the solid black because it is less likely to scuff than my white Adidas. I’ve mostly worn these cycling around town, to punk concerts, and while exercising weights. They’ve held up admirably. They don’t have a hole in the toe, and the insole isn’t worn out. I’m going to buy another pair soon.

Consideration before Choosing the Best Regular Shoes for Cycling

Flat pedal shoes tend to have less ventilation and a solid rubber sole to keep feet warm. Cleats and clipless shoes act as heat sinks and draw heat from the foot into the pedals.

Cycling shoes are supposed to be light and rigid to pedal efficiently, to keep you cool in the summer and have an exclusive design compatible with clipless pedals and cleats. Mountain bike and casual shoes have recessed studs and flexible soles.   

They also tend to have more breathable tops to compensate for the lack of airflow during stationary driving. Triathlon and bicycle shoes typically have one or three Velcro fasteners for easy entry and exit. Tight shoes lead to less efficient energy transmission because they restrict blood flow to the foot.

Once you know what category of bicycle shoes you need, it is essential to evaluate several different models before buying them. It’s easy to throw money into a problem and end up with a pair of shoes that don’t suit your unique foot shape or riding style.        

Given the crucial relationship between bicycle and foot, it is worth spending some time choosing the proper footwear. There is no best cycling shoe for every rider, as riding style, pedal preferences, terrain and weather influence your decision.   

The purpose of a bicycle shoe is to transmit the power of pedaling while supporting the foot by distributing and concentrating the pressure on the foot to experience the practical entirety of the cycling experience.

Your cycling shoes play an essential role in the 2-5 direct contact points between you and your bike and deserve careful consideration when choosing which one suits your foot (pun intended) and riding style.

Regular Shoes for Cycling FAQs

What is the recommended shoe type for cycling instead of cycling shoes?

Cycling shoes are designed to have a hard bottom to give direct energy transfer to the bicycle pedal to ensure maximum pedaling effectiveness by lessening energy losses. In contrast, the best shoe for casual or recreational cycling would be running shoes.

They provide good feet support, ventilation and protection for your feet.

Remember that because running shoes have a soft bottom, your pedal stroke won’t be as effective as it would be if you were using cycling shoes. You will experience a lack of energy as a result of this.

What type of bike pedals suitable for regular shoes?

As we have mentioned above, bike pedals are generally divided into clipless and flat pedals. Clipless pedals require you to wear cycling shoes with built-in cleats that perfectly connect with the pedals for a better cycling experience.

Regular shoes do not have cleats, so that the ideal bike pedals would be flat.

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